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What Students Are Saying



“…In March 2004, after hearing about the importance of goal setting discussed at a local DC-REIA meeting, I went home and set goals.  My major goal was monetary: to make $100,000.00 as a RE investor in my first year.   Well, I am glad to say that I completed my first wholesale deal in June 2004.  After that, I left my job to work as a full-time investor.  I have now completed 6 deals, including 2 rehabs, and have made over $117,000.00 since I set those goals one year ago.  Here is a summary of the deals I have completed so far:  in June ‘04 a Wholesale Deal for a profit of $10,000; in Jan ’05 a Wholesale Deal for a profit of $15,000; in Feb ’05 managed a rehab for another investor for a profit of $4,900, closed on a rehab deal with a partner where we split a total profit of over $81,000, and listed/sold a property for a commission over $8,000; March ’05 closed rehab deal for a profit over $40,000!”

- Scott Gunn


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