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“…In March 2004, after hearing about the importance of goal setting discussed at a local DC-REIA meeting, I went home and set goals.  My major goal was monetary: to make $100,000.00 as a RE investor in my first year.   Well, I am glad to say that I completed my first wholesale deal in June 2004.  After that, I left my job to work as a full-time investor.  I have now completed 6 deals, including 2 rehabs, and have made over $117,000.00 since I set those goals one year ago.  Here is a summary of the deals I have completed so far:  in June ‘04 a Wholesale Deal for a profit of $10,000; in Jan ’05 a Wholesale Deal for a profit of $15,000; in Feb ’05 managed a rehab for another investor for a profit of $4,900, closed on a rehab deal with a partner where we split a total profit of over $81,000, and listed/sold a property for a commission over $8,000; March ’05 closed rehab deal for a profit over $40,000!”

- Scott Gunn

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Our Mission

ImageWe exist to provide individuals with the highest quality real estate investor training experience possible. We understand that for many, real estate investing is a great mystery and we exist to tear-down the barriers which have historically been intentionally placed to prevent specific groups of people from achieving success in an area of investing that has historically shown itself to be a proven path to financial freedom and long-term wealth creation. The fundamental promise we offer is to create an environment whereby serious-minded people can succeed if they so choose. Where ever possible we structure learning programs where participants actually learn by doing. We believe that it is only through the process of learning by “Doing It” that true knowledge is acquired, and ultimately can be passed on from generation to generation.

Learning Environments Conducive for Success!

ImageWhile no organization can guarantee success, we can and do offer an environment structured for success. All instruction is lead by a Real-Eduvestorsm Educators (most of whom are certified) who have a passion for teaching & sharing and first and foremost have a demonstrated track record as a successful investor in the topic for which they have been selected to teach, and results are measured. Specifically, each and every one of our courses comes with a commitment to the individual success of the participant. Some courses require prior experience, or financial capacity. This is done not to intentionally exclude anyone. Rather, the focus of each course is for positive outcomes and the structure of most courses is heavily reliant upon the case study method with active student participation.

Many courses will also result in the participants actively acquiring an income producing property (if appropriate to the concepts being taught), as the fundamental belief of the founders is that you learn the real estate investing business by “doing it”. Yet, no participant will be involved in a class-lead transaction without the skillful hand of the Real-Eduvestorsm assigned to lead the class. At the conclusion of the classroom experience, each participant will be fully engaged in ongoing learning exercises for a period of either 12 or 16 weeks, in which either tele-classes, or additional classroom settings will take place as the objectives of the class are fulfilled.

Our Money Back Guarantee for Live Training Events.

ImageWe believe that complete client satisfaction is the best policy, which is why we are the only provider of live training programs to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

Any participant in a live training program may receive a 100% (No Hassle, No Questions Asked) refund form the time they register, up until the conclusion of the first-classroom a/k/a "Quick Start" day.

Up until 10 Days after the first classroom day, a refund less a 15% restocking and administrative fee will be issued upon written request and the return of all materials provided in resalable condition.

Right to Refuse Refund:  Please note that unfortunately some people only attend live events in an attempt to gain possession of copy written materials to illegally reproduce and resale.  In order to protect the intellectual property of our educators, we reserve the right to refuse any refund in which: materials are not returned, materials show excessive sign of wear, or it is clear that materials have been illegally copied or reproduced.


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