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“…In March 2004, after hearing about the importance of goal setting discussed at a local DC-REIA meeting, I went home and set goals.  My major goal was monetary: to make $100,000.00 as a RE investor in my first year.   Well, I am glad to say that I completed my first wholesale deal in June 2004.  After that, I left my job to work as a full-time investor.  I have now completed 6 deals, including 2 rehabs, and have made over $117,000.00 since I set those goals one year ago.  Here is a summary of the deals I have completed so far:  in June ‘04 a Wholesale Deal for a profit of $10,000; in Jan ’05 a Wholesale Deal for a profit of $15,000; in Feb ’05 managed a rehab for another investor for a profit of $4,900, closed on a rehab deal with a partner where we split a total profit of over $81,000, and listed/sold a property for a commission over $8,000; March ’05 closed rehab deal for a profit over $40,000!”

- Scott Gunn

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Sherman L. Ragland, II - Dean
It is my great pleasure to announce the opening of the first Realinvestors™ Academy. After an exhaustive search throughout the entire Washington Metropolitan Region, it was the unanimous consensus of our board of Trustees that the perfect location for this leading edge concept would be in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Our new state-of-the-art facility in Prince George’s is strategically located to serve the needs of our clients and customers seeking professional guidance in both how to get started, as well as continue to build powerful real estate investment strategies that will enable them to supplement their incomes and create legacy wealth for their families.

Prince George’s County is currently the most dynamic and vibrant real estate market within the Greater Washington, DC real estate sector, offering living examples of every conceivable type of real estate asset. The mixture of real estate asset types in Prince George’s creates a wonderful living laboratory and allows us to hold true to our Number One Creed that you can only learn this wonderful real estate investing business by “Doing It!”  We are particularly appreciative of County Executive Jack Johnson and his staff for welcoming us to Gorgeous Prince George’s.


Sherman Ragland, County Executive Jack Johnson, & Clare Hines



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